Monday, 9 December 2013

#20 Rolex by Bamford Watch Department

Rolex by Bamford Watch Department

Bamford Watch Department are one of the few renown watch-customisers in the market. They work on some of the finest sports pieces including Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, Patek Philippe Nautilus and Rolex's. For those of you who are wary or unaware of these customisers, you may think of them as Mansory or Brabus of watches. 

Bamford's general theme is to 'black-out' the pieces and add a bit of 'pop' flavour to the dial. The outer surfaces are coated using their own unique, military-grade PVD. Some of their 'preset' designs are available as well as giving you the option to tailor the design to your taste and preferences.

Below are two Rolex examples (GMT-Master II and Gold Sky-dweller)

Gold Sky-dweller on a lady's wrist.
 The bezel looks absolutely superb - The combination of the groovy gold bezel and Bamford's PVD gives off this unique Black-gold sheen that perfectly complements Bamford's signature lilac blue colour on the dial.

Gold Sky-Dweller on a gent's wrist (Apologies for the fingerprints!)

GMT-Master II 
The dial on this GMT-Master is also a work of art - the Carbon fibre looking dial with contrasting hour markers, fonts and hands are just stunning. 

Strictly speaking, although customisation is purely for cosmetic purposes (Bamford and other customisers do NOT work on the movements, thus the time-keeping aspects are unaffected) and is quite costly, if you are one of those people who do not fancy being generic, Bamford will offer you the leeway. They offer highly flexible customisation without sacrificing quality - Everything from the PVD treatment to dial customisation is completed at the highest standards. More info on

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